Xtremestop Brakes Florida

Xtreme Stop Florida Cross Drilled and Slotted Brakes

Xtremestop Florida, a newly launched business and locally owned, is proud to announce that they are the exclusive wholesale distributor of superior grade Xtremestop rotors for Florida.

They also sell brake pads and Jeep Wrangler calipers. Xtremestop Florida is a subsidiary of InterAmerican Auto Parts that has been in business for the past 15 years.


Xtremestop rotors are drilled and slotted with precision to reduce braking temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit when compared to OEM rotors. This diminishes the chances of brake fade and rotor warping, elevating your safety in braking. The slots are patterned to evict water and soil from the pads giving the driver a pinnacle grip needed while engaging the brakes. Incorporated in the rotor design is the hushed noise level. Drivers have the option of choosing a rust-free zinc coating which also gives your vehicle a striking appearance. Xtremestop rotors, manufactured in North America with a CNC CAD-CAM platform allow customers to choose from a variety of patterns. The rotors are certified by the Intertek Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008. All these features add to prolonging the life of the rotors.

Brake Pads

The company stresses that their brake pads are engineered utilizing a unique density of a semi-metallic composite of carbon graphite. Because the manufacturer uses a lower amount of resin than OEM brakes, the life of their pads are prolonged. Their developing research confirms that their recipe of components produces a consistently high execution of braking performance. The pads yield fewer fragments and therefore equate to a lower depreciation and will sustain up to 30,000 miles under standard braking conditions. Extremestop also emphasizes that the rubber glazed shims coordinate harmoniously with their rotors in muting the sound of brakes operating at their best.

Calipers – Triple Pistons

Xtremestop Florida expects to help Jeep Wrangler owners by selling their triple piston calipers to wholesale businesses. Since owners may want to upgrade their Wranglers without changing their tires, these calipers are a convenient choice. The triple piston calipers (black or red) engineered with superior braking power are designed to be used with stock size rotors and stock wheels. The company is a division of InterAmerican Auto Parts. InterAmerican is happy to fulfill any orders wholesale or retail, new or used, OEM or performance – for calipers or for any other products for any vehicle, truck, trailer, motorcycle, boat or construction equipment and ship it to the Caribbean or anywhere in the world. InterAmerican is also a proud distributor of wholesale Kelvin LED and HID Lighting Products. They fulfill wholesale orders by case, pallet or container and are happy to tailor an order for their customers whether it is large or small.

Xtremestop Florida is located in the Miami/Opa Locka area:

3400 NW 151st Terrace
Opa Locka, FL. 33054
Telephone: 1-877- 953-0516
Open: Monday – Friday
8:30 am – 5:00 pm

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