Cross Drilled & Slotted Vs. Standard Brakes

Cross Dilled & Slotted Brakes - Comparison

Your car’s brakes are one of, if not the most important systems on your car. The motor & horsepower of the car doesn’t matter much if your unable to scrub off enough speed and avoid accidents. You are going to want to have some stopping power regardless of the situation. Therefore, you need to figure which type of brakes is going to work best for you. The two main types of car brakes we will be discussing are cross drilled & slotted performance brakes & standard OEM brakes.

Cross drilled rotors are known for precision drilled holes that offer a better stopping experience. This is because they are able to handle the high temperatures that your car has to deal with while you are on the road. Slotted rotors have the added benefit of allowing gases that can built up inside of the rotors to escape. This provides better contact while also doing a better job of keeping your pads free of dirt and dust. Ultimately resulting in better stopping ability.

Most modern cars are equipped with Anti-Lock brakes. The helps to monitor the speed of the wheel so that it puts the right amount of pressure on the brake when it detects any skidding on the wheels. This is especially helpful when you are driving on wet roads that might be slippery. XtremeStop brakes are factory replacement performance brakes, so they seamlessly fit & function with your vehicle’s braking system.

OEM stock brakes are manufactured to meet certain minimum safety standards and for the most part are adequate for the average daily commuter. Generally made from semi metallic materials, these standard rotors and pads can get loud and or have issues depending on the temperature of the brakes at any given time. XtremeStop Brake Pads on the other hand are a carbon-metallic construction and designed to cope with these issues all while enhancing the strength and decreasing the fade on the pads.

It is going to be very helpful to look at all of the pros and cons of each one of the brake types before you decide which one of them are going to work the best for you. If a higher performing option is what you seek, don’t hesitate to contact XtremeStop Florida. We carry cross drilled & slotted rotors, high performing pads and calipers. Whether you want performance brakes for your Jeep, car, or truck, we’re your florida wholesaler of XtremeStop brakes.

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