Cross Drilled & Slotted Vs. Standard Brakes

Cross Dilled & Slotted Brakes - Comparison

Your car’s brakes are one of, if not the most important systems on your car. The motor & horsepower of the car doesn’t matter much if your unable to scrub off enough speed and avoid accidents. You are going to want to have some stopping power regardless of the situation. Therefore, you need to figure which type of brakes is going to work best for you. The two main types of car brakes we will be discussing are cross drilled & slotted performance brakes & standard OEM brakes. Read more

Xtremestop Brakes Florida

Xtreme Stop Florida Cross Drilled and Slotted Brakes

Xtremestop Florida, a newly launched business and locally owned, is proud to announce that they are the exclusive wholesale distributor of superior grade Xtremestop rotors for Florida. Read more