xtreme stop triple piston calipers miami

Our wholesale triple piston calipers (black or red) are engineered for superior braking power for Jeep Wranglers. These calipers are designed to be used with stock size rotors and are tailored for stock wheels. Our aluminum calipers house brake pads constructed of carbon graphite incorporating a semi-metallic composite and utilizing a lesser amount of resin to prolong the lifespan of our brakes. These pads are created to generate less refuse and therefore less deterioration. Our impressively efficient rubber glazed shims coordinate with ours muffled rotors to reduce the sound of the brakes. Our brake pads will travel up to 30,000 miles under typical braking conditions.

caliper hardware

The rotors are meticulously designed with cross-drilled slots to hurl rain water and gases off the rotor, providing a strong connection between the rotor and the pads for a dynamic stop. The zinc coating covering the superior metal alloy repels foreign fragments extending the rust-free life of our rotor over OEM brakes.

We fulfill wholesales orders by case, pallet or container and are happy to work with businesses that have either a small or large demand. Xtremestop Florida is a division of InterAmerican Auto Parts. We are happy to fulfill any orders for calipers or for any other product for any vehicle, truck, trailer, motorcycle, boat or construction equipment and ship it to anywhere on the planet. We are also a proud distributor of wholesale Kelvin LED and HID Lighting Products.